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Recent works
Kristin Jai Klosterman
Sunflower Series Purple/Red, ‎

Kristin Jai Klosterman is best known for her large-scale mobile sculptures and mixed media paintings. Klosterman focuses on the exchange between contrasting mediums as a means to examine the balance of power between the masculine and feminine. While radically different in terms of presentation, both Klosterman's sculptural and painterly works draw their inspiration from an identical source—the Fibonacci sequence, which occurs spontaneously in nature. 

Klosterman's sculptures are exhibited in numerous public forums in California, Texas, and Tennessee and in private collections domestically as well as...

Sunflower Series Purple/Red
Mark Tennant
Untitled 2024-2, ‎

Mark Tennant’s photorealistic paintings are renowned for their uncanny ability to capture small details of light and movement. Most of Tennant’s works are lit with a bright flash, giving the sense that his young subjects are the unsuspecting subjects of late-night Polaroid snapshots. His works are informed by the painting techniques of the Impressionists Édouard Manet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Tennant has taught museum copying at the Louvre and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His captivating paintings have been exhibited numerous times in the Salon d’Automne in Paris and...

Untitled 2024-2
Kirstine Reiner Hansen
Shiny Things, ‎

Born in Odense, Denmark and now based in the Bay Area, Kirstine Reiner Hansen received a BA in Design and Illustration at Kolding School of Design. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, most recently in a solo exhibition at G-allery in Berlin, Germany. In 2012, she received the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant and has twice been a semi-finalist for the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. She has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, BloPop Magazine, and The Asian Curator, as well as in the book Disrupted Realism by John...

Shiny Things
Titus Welliver
Cornwall, ‎‏‎ ‎

Titus Welliver was born in 1962 in New Haven, Connecticut, to parents Neil Welliver, an established landscape painter, and Norma Cripps, a fashion illustrator. Welliver’s first learned to paint under the tutelage of his father and continued his artistic pursuit at Bennington College and the University of Pennsylvania. Eventually, he shifted his focus toward acting, which he studied at HB Studios in New York and later at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. This study led to roles in various series and films, most notably the title role in the show Bosch. However, Welliver has...

Hunter Biden
Untitled on Canvas 66, ‎

A lawyer by profession, Hunter Biden now devotes his energy to the creative arts, bringing innumerable experiences to bear in his works. The results are powerful and impactful paintings ranging in theme from the photogenic to abstraction. His chosen substrates are canvas, YUPO paper, wood, and metal on which he affixes oil, acrylic, and ink along with the written word, coming together to create a unique, signature visual image.

Click To View "The Journey Home" - Fall 2021 Exhibition

Untitled on Canvas 66
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