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Recent works
Todd Williamson
Processional 4, 2019

Todd Williamson (b. 1964 | American) is an American contemporary painter based in Los Angeles. His work is strongly influenced by the abstract expressionist movement 1950s in New York. Williamson’s paintings are characterized by their grid-like parallel lines that reflect a formal consideration of light, color, and shape. Using a refined process of building and removing multiple layers of oil on canvas, his works engage both complementary...

Processional 4
Chadwick Tyler
XIII, 2020

Chadwick Tyler grew up in the small town of Valvico, Florida. A self-taught photographer, he began his commercial career later in life.


His early work focused primarily on tractors and agricultural vehicles, before he began working with...

Adel Dauood
Whispering, 2018

Adel Dauood (b. 1980|Syria). Originally from Al-Hasah, Syria, Adel Dauood remained in his home country until 2014 when he moved to Vienna. The artist is widely inspired by both good and bad when he creates his works; his life experiences are inescapable and deeply tied to his art. His works convey mysterious depth of feeling that one must sit with over time, requiring a wholly individualized experience from viewer to viewer. Each demands attention by way of unshakable passion and verve.

Kristin Jai Klosterman
Hope, 2020

Kristin Jai Klosterman (American, b. 1977) is best known for her large-scale mobile sculptures and mixed media paintings. Klosterman utilizes the interactions between contrasting mediums as a vehicle for her examination of the balance of power between masculine and feminine energies. While radically different in terms of their appearance, both Klosterman’s sculptural and painted works draw inspiration from the same source – the Fibonacci sequence, which occurs spontaneously in nature. 

Harley Cortez
Suenos, 2020

Harley Cortez is a multi disciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo.

Raised in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY, he also lived in his mother's home country, Guatemala, for a brief time as a kid.

His solo exhibition in 2016 at The Paper Agency Gallery in Los Angeles titled "The Poet as Spacemen" was an immersive installation of paintings, film, and music composition and included a Q&A with astrophysicist, cosmologists, and an...

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