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Recent works
Adel Dauood
Alone, 2020

Adel Dauood (b. 1980|Syria). Originally from Al-Hasah, Syria, Adel Dauood remained in his home country until 2014 when he moved to Vienna. The artist is widely inspired by both good and bad when he creates his works; his life experiences are inescapable and deeply tied to his art. His works convey mysterious depth of feeling that one must sit with over time, requiring a wholly individualized experience from viewer to viewer. Each demands attention by way of unshakable passion and verve.

Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa

Born in 1952 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rashid Al Khalifa held his first solo exhibition at the Dilmun Hotel, Bahrain, in 1970 when he was just 16 years old, and then moved to the UK in 1972 to study at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology in Sussex. After returning to Bahrain in 1978, inspired by Europe’s greatest Impressionist masters, he began his own renditions of his country’s landscapes, producing a series of atmospheric paintings of the desert, sea, and...

Jean Schmiedel
Untitled #9, 2016

Jean Schmiedel (b.1963 | Germany) responds to the canon of figurative painting through multi-dimensional, almost aggressive expression of emotion. Wide, close-set eyes and lilted posture make his characters poignant and elocute an imaginary story of interaction.

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Untitled #9
Johan Wahlström
My Midnight, 2020

Johan Wahlstrom from Stockholm, Sweden is one of today’s brightest artists who is making a conscious effort to describe the social political landscape of our contemporary world.

Johan Wahlstrom's ironic series Social Life gives a perfect sense both from a conceptual as a formal point of view of this estrangement. He is a magnificent observer of our social life’s. 

My Midnight
Marc Vinciguerra
Monk-Horse, 2019

Marc Vinciguerra is a Parisian sculptor and philosopher living in America. His works break down the barrier between traditional and contemporary art with a style that is reminiscent of renaissance and baroque sculptors. With the exciting freshness of a twenty-first century philosopher applying himself to the classical arts, Vinciguerra fuses the past and the future in figurative works large and small. 

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