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Recent works
Daniel Sambo-Richter
The Fate of the Orchid, Gustav Gruendgens, 2020

Daniel Sambo-Richter (German, b. 1966) is an abstract painter. As a practicing member in an artistic family, he began his formal instruction at the age of thirteen and embarked on his professional career at eighteen. After the fall of communism, he began to make a name for himself experimenting with a variety of different media while completing numerous projects for public spaces. He was awarded the Brandenburg Art Prize in 1996 for his earliest achievements. 

From 2004, he turned to figurative iconography and since then has openly...

The Fate of the Orchid, Gustav Gruendgens
Kristin Jai Klosterman
Daydreamer, 2018

Kristin Jai Klosterman (American, b. 1977) is best known for her large-scale mobile sculptures and mixed media paintings. Klosterman focuses on the exchange between contrasting mediums as her vehicle for an examination of the balance of power between the masculine and feminine. While radically different in terms of presentation, both Klosterman's sculptural and painterly works draw their inspiration from an identical source - the Fibonacci sequence, which occurs spontaneously in nature. 

Klosterman's sculptures are exhibited in numerous public forums in California, Texas and Tennessee and in private...

Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa
White Parametric, 2018

Born in 1952 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rashid Al Khalifa held his first solo exhibition at the Dilmun Hotel, Bahrain, in 1970 when he was just 16 years old, and then moved to the UK in 1972 to study at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology in Sussex. After returning to Bahrain in 1978, inspired by Europe’s greatest Impressionist masters, he began his own renditions of his country’s landscapes, producing a series of atmospheric paintings of the desert, sea, and historical sites. These works...

White Parametric
Bon Jane
The Three Graces, 2017

Bon Jane is an American-born artist who received her BFA from The Rietveld Academie in The Netherlands in 2007. Jane’s work focuses on deconstructing the abject manufacturing of desire, dreams, hope and fantasy within the context of contemporary popular culture - especially as it relates to ritual, female performance and celebritism.  

She lives and works in New York City. Her first photo book, "Americana...

The Three Graces
Harley Cortez
Poder/No Los Olvidan, 2020

Harley Cortez (American, b. 1979) is a multi disciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker. He has lived in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY, while also living for a brief period in Guatemala.

His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo. His solo exhibition in 2016 at The Paper Agency Gallery in LA titled, "The Poet as Spaceman", was an immersive installation of paintings, film and music compositions that included...

Poder/No Los Olvidan
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