“My paintings are for me a kind of rebellious reaction to all the fights that are going on all around the world. They are also an inner monolog about my despair towards this. My paintings invite the viewer to a dialog about my memories, full of color and unrest from my war tormented home country, Syria.”


Adel Dauood


Adel Dauood (b. 1980|Syria). Originally from Al-Hasah, Syria, Adel Dauood remained in his home country until 2014 when he moved to Vienna. The artist is widely inspired by both good and bad when he creates his works; his life experiences are inescapable and deeply tied to his art. His works convey mysterious depth of feeling that one must sit with over time, requiring a wholly individualized experience from viewer to viewer. Each demands attention by way of unshakable passion and verve.

While classically trained in Syria, his paintings have a strongly Expressionist feel to them, reminiscent of Egon Schiele or Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Color is often a tool used to penetrate through the depicted image, whether a hazily sketched floating figure or a suitcase with its contents spilling out.  Positivity and optimism must often make room for more serious contemplation or critical feeling. The viewer is bound to find him or herself overtaken by the strong sense of mood that Adel so eloquently composes on each of his canvases.

Georges Bergès Gallery is proud to be able to bring the work of Adel Dauood to the United States for the very first time. The artist continues to live and work in Vienna. 

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adel dauood

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