Daniel Sambo-Richter (b. 1966 | German) combines abstraction with figurative subjects in his paintings. Growing up amongst a family of artists in the GDR he began painting at thirteen years old. After the fall of communism, he made a name for himself first as an abstract painter, winning the Brandenburg Art Prize in 1996.

From 2004 on, Sambo-Richter has worked to incorporate realism in his work. His style is influenced by the artistic movements of the 19th century as well as photography’s impact on the fine arts. He seeks to capture the imperceptible details of an image that will always elude the camera: the feelings, the implicit memories, the shared history.  

For Sambo-Richter, his series “German Fragments” was inspired by an examination of power and impotence, opportunism, resistance and redemption through the history of the Third Reich and the communist GDR.  He has continued to work on these themes for many years, both in the representation of man and in landscapes with ice and fire.

The artist currently lives with his wife, Angolan artist Manuela Sambo, in Berlin, Germany.

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daniel sambo-richter

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