Oil mixed media on canvas, 120 x 66 in.


Thursday, June 7, 2018 | 6-8 pm


We are pleased to announce, "Rapture" a solo exhibition by Roman Kriheli.  This new exhibit explores themes of beauty, mysticism, and spirituality, and also provides a glimpse of Kriheli’s vision and observations about the universe, history, and the search for meaning. Kriheli’s paintings do not shy away from exploring and confronting head-on some of the most difficult questions about life, death, and what lies outside knowledge. 
Managing to transcend the chasm of time, Roman Kriheli draws from the rich heritage of the Old Masters, ancient Indian and Egyptian art, ancient philosophers and teachers, and from his studies of the occult. By using what he conceives as a “higher perception,” Kriheli looks closely at the spaces and objects surrounding him. He introspects, explores, creates, and recreates. In a way, his completed artworks convey and make meaning of what he finds---sometimes answers to his questions are found or made by creating order out of chaos and at other times by abandoning the ordinary and recognizable while favoring the abstract and unconventional.
Born in the former Soviet Union in 1956, classically trained artist Roman Kriheli became a leading figure in the frenetic SoHo art scene of the 1980’s and since then he has continued to achieve world-renowned recognition. Ever elusive and much sought after by national and international art collectors, Kriheli has remained true to his singular and eclectic vision of beauty and truth.  Great Master Painters like Titian and Tintoretto, among others, inform and inspire Roman Kriheli’s powerful and skillful works.  

raptureroman kriheli

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