Johan Wahlstrom (b.1959 | Swedish) is a fifth-generation artist. Early on in his career, Wahlstrom worked as a professional musician playing keyboard and touring with rock icons Ian Hunter, Graham Parker, and Mick Ronson. Since taking up painting fulltime, Wahlstrom’s career has flourished. Both American and European galleries show his work, and his paintings have been acquired by prestigious private collectors and museum collections.

Wahlstrom’s dark narrative paintings in acrylic and ink are inspired by cryptic and often ironic social critiques. In their simplicity there exists a primal feel, as the work delves deeply into the realm of human emotion. His graphic,
neo-expressionist style is inspired by Jean DuBuffet,

Jackson Pollock, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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johan wahlström

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Brainstorming, 2018

Urethan and color pigments on canvas 55 x 77 in