Through splendidly commanding structures, meticulous forms and complex designs, Rashid Al Khalifa’s art practice stands as a contemporary tribute to traditional Middle Eastern design.


Born in 1952 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rashid Khalifa held his first solo exhibition when he was just 16 years old, afterwards attending the Hastings College of Arts and Technology in Sussex in 1972. Upon return to his home country, he began his own renditions of Bahrain’s landscapes, producing a series of atmospheric paintings of the desert, sea, and historical sites. The artist’s unique style of painting and creating art originates from a novel response to geometric abstraction, hard-edge painting and color field work.

Rashid Al Khalifa’s latest work explores the myriad dynamics of light and colors that are characteristic to Bahrain’s ever-changing landscape and cultural diversity. The incandescent, smooth lacquer surfaces of much of his work demonstrates his affinity for symmetry and balance in form and purpose. These features, and his overall minimalistic approach, direct focus on elemental forms of design and the natural interplay of light and shadow.

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rashid al khalifa

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